I’m playing Rune Factory Frontier right now and I’m really enjoying it.  Or I’m finding it compelling.  It’s a very thin line between the two.  World of WarCraft was compelling, but eventually it turned into something that felt more like a second job.  Not fun.  While enjoyment was still to be found playing it, I was finding it harder and harder to have fun playing the game.

Yet it was still compelling.  Eventually I knew that I had to just let it go.  I beat the final boss (Protip:  It’s your credit card!)  Then, I just let my account lapse.

I found something interesting about my playing habits with Rune Factory, how I have changed my habits over the years.

It used to be that when I found out something interesting, or exciting about a game I was playing, it really felt like a discovery.  That in this game, I did something that’s a singular experience, that event is something that was on the edge of a great frontier.  This was before the internet.

Now before I do anything I feel like I have to check for a FAQ or a guide to find out if it’s the “right” decision.

I was considering an expansion for the house in Rune Factory, but then I was presented with a couple of choices.  I then went to the forums and looked up pictures of the possible themes.  Then I almost posted something to twitter to ask about which one I should go with.

Then I stopped myself after I realized what I was doing.

I decided from that point on, I was just going to forge ahead and make the decisions and live with them.  That’s the beauty of Rune Factory.  There’s no “wrong” decision to make.  If a path gets closed to me, oh well, the game is huge, there are tons of things to do.

I just need to make my peace with that.

I need to make peace with a game about farming, dating, monster fighting, and returning balance to the land.

Oh, and I went with an unseen extension to my house in the game.  And it turns out to have been the steampunk styled expansion.