An Important Reminder

Today was productive, mainly because I got to take nearly 300 pics.  The new compact flash card seems to be working in the D70.  I was getting image corruption errors with the old 1GB card occasionally, and the new 2GB card seems to be fine so far.

I got some great pictures of people in their kimono as well as some street action.  I enjoy working with people to get portrait although I’m still working on my framing.  I really want a second flash now, I think I’m at the point where I could really use another one for creative lighting.  I did get some great shots during the magic minute yesterday and they look great.

While I have other hobbies, I have a special love for photography because it’s rewarding.

Hearing, “Oh wow,” after I show someone their picture always makes me smile.

That’s why there’s nothing so unnerving to me as the thought of losing pictures, the tiny slices of time and light that I worked so hard to get.  Or alternately, paid zero attention to craftsmanship and took anyway.  Either way they’re still important.

Which reminds me it’s time to do a backup of this machine.

And everyone, please do a back up of your computer.