Tabs I have yet to close

Tabs will often remain open on my laptop.  I’ll close the lid and then not think about it, picking up my browsing where I left off.  I have the usual suspects.  Flickr.  WordPress.  Amazon.  Google Reader.  I’ll close tabs every now and again, open new ones.  Since new tabs open on the right, it is often the case that the tabs on the left are the “oldest” tabs.  They’re the ones that survive the culling process which begins the moment I have opened enough tabs that it forces me to scroll.

Whether a tab stays open or gets the command-W is the result of an extensive question and answer process.

Do I have multiples of this site open currently?  Do I have it bookmarked?  Am I going to bookmark it?  Do I have something to do on the site?  Why is it still open?

Currently the oldest tab in my browser window:  This picture of Audrey Hepburn.  So.  Hot.  This tab is open because it’s a very atypical picture of her.  I did want to share it, so now that I have, I think I’ll probably be able to close it.

Second oldest tab:  Yaya Han cosplaying Christie from Dead or Alive 4.  Her fight stances need work.  Her other stances do not need work.  But yeesh, her fight stances are just bad.  On the other hand, that outfit probably requires a certain level of strategy.  If you know what I’m saying.

Third:  How to make domo-kun marshmallows.