For a while now, the air conditioning convectors in the condo have been adequate, but they suffered from a poor air distribution model.  That is, one side of the condo would end up extremely cold or hot, and then the other side would gain no benefit at all from the cooled or heated air.

I’d prefer the entire condo be one uniform temperature, but since it comes from one vent, it was going to take some work.

Or so I thought.

I had a table laying around, doing nothing.  More accurately, it was a tabletop and two legs, sitting in a closet unused.  A quick trip to IKEA for some four inch stands and I am now the proud owner of a very western version of a kotatsu.  The four inch stands sit directly on top of the convector, which is very securely embedded in the wall.  The treated air now shoots directly into the bottom of this table and is channeled into the center of the living room.

Where it now cools a good portion of the family room instead of shooting directly upwards at the ceiling.  I’ll have to stop by the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some magnetic vent covers to more adequately control the flow of air to directly underneath the table.

Air circulation aside, with the two storage benches that were already in the condo, there is now a table right next to the window that can act as a breakfast nook or breakout area for laptops.

Overall, a win-win.