Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Big Box

I have a large carboard banker’s box.  Within this box are hand written journals that I’ve kept since high school.  I haven’t written in a journal consistently over the last couple of years, and I think that’s a great loss on my part.

Without knowing where I’ve been, how can I see how far I’ve come?

Reading through them is often a bittersweet experience.  Especially during the high school years (Season One) where everything was melodramatic, characters were really shallow and character development took years.

But they are inspiring, and I’ll try to use some of them in the coming posts.


So the WWDC came and went and I’m disappointed, as usual.  Still nothing compelling enough for me to buy into the iPhone as a service.  It’s like cable for me, I guess.  This monthly fee is in addition to the apps that I would have to pay money for anyway.

Gaming on the platform is right out of the question for me.  I just can’t do it.  I’ll see how things change once I upgrade to an iPod touch when I purchase the iMac later on this year.  I’ve given up on the 15″ MacBook Pro as my “go to” machine for browsing as it’s simply too hot and heavy (that’s what she said!) to do any reading or writing on a long term basis.

I’m thinking a netbook, since Apple didn’t announce a tablet of any sort.  Which is strange because they’re usually better at creating a need, and then filling it with a conveniently announced product.

iPhone.  Apple TV.  Time Capsule.

I’m imagining something Kindle sized with the multi touch and gestures found on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the multi touch trackpad. Wi-Fi, with an option for a data plan with AT&T.

Crap.  I didn’t know I needed it either until just now.

Spa World

If I have to talk about Spa World, I have to talk about nudity.  This is because nudity, while not the focus of the facility, is a crucial, unavoidable detail of the experience of Spa World.

Spa World is a Korean style bath house facility, and if you go, you will get naked.

And it is awesome.

I had a great time.  I didn’t think I was going to have a great time, I had my own cultural conditioning, hangups and body issues to overcome.  But it was the last chance to hang out with a friend who was leaving the country and I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing her before she left.

When I first got to Spa World, I wondered if we had come to the right place.  It’s two mirrored doors in a strip mall with a garish “SPA WORLD” sign hung up on the front of the facility.  Once I stepped inside, it was a different story altogether.  It is fancy.  No lie.  I was greeted by a long hallway that led to rows of small wooden lockers.  On the other side of a counter that had giant rocks in it, friendly hostesses greeted us in both English and Korean.

I looked outside at the black tarmac of the parking lot, and looked back in towards the dark wood and marble floors.  I walked towards the counter, in towards the spa, and left an entire culture on the other side of the door. Continue reading


Finished inFamous and looking forward to a sequel.  I guess that’s pretty high praise in and of itself.  Played it through twice, even.  Finished all of the side missions on my first run through and then just finished the storyline on my second run as a good guy.

The nice thing is that it lets you sandbox once the game is over.

You can go through Empire City and get all of the things you missed because you were too busy trying to get through the storyline.

Overall, a lot of fun, and fairly compelling.

E3 in two words

Motion controllers.

Motion controllers seem to be the big deal, what with Microsoft pushing Natal and SONY with their tech demo.  Nintendo has the Wii Motion Plus add on for the Wii remotes.  All three seem to think that immersion is the next big thing.  It may be, but I want compelling games that use that motion control accurately.  Otherwise it will just be a huge exercise in frustration for everyone involved.

While interesting, I didn’t see anything from the news coverage that was really exciting.  Oh well.

I guess it’s time to look forward to the WWDC for interesting news from Apple.