So the WWDC came and went and I’m disappointed, as usual.  Still nothing compelling enough for me to buy into the iPhone as a service.  It’s like cable for me, I guess.  This monthly fee is in addition to the apps that I would have to pay money for anyway.

Gaming on the platform is right out of the question for me.  I just can’t do it.  I’ll see how things change once I upgrade to an iPod touch when I purchase the iMac later on this year.  I’ve given up on the 15″ MacBook Pro as my “go to” machine for browsing as it’s simply too hot and heavy (that’s what she said!) to do any reading or writing on a long term basis.

I’m thinking a netbook, since Apple didn’t announce a tablet of any sort.  Which is strange because they’re usually better at creating a need, and then filling it with a conveniently announced product.

iPhone.  Apple TV.  Time Capsule.

I’m imagining something Kindle sized with the multi touch and gestures found on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the multi touch trackpad. Wi-Fi, with an option for a data plan with AT&T.

Crap.  I didn’t know I needed it either until just now.

2 thoughts on “WWDC

  1. William says:

    I’m saving up for when Pixel Qi’s screen tech which was spun off from OLPC to hit a Hackintosh-able netbook.

  2. Reaver00 says:

    you just need to purchase atomic supercooled robot pants anf your macbook pro problems are gone!

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