Evernote is a service that I didn’t realize I wanted I gave it a shot.

It is, at the simplest level, a note taking service.  Now I call it a service because it’s not just an application.  There are multiple clients, but they all sync to a central server.  Meaning that I can use Evernote on my phone, on my Mac, on my PC at home, and on my computer at work, and access all the same notes.

It’s great.  I’ve been using it for grocery lists, to do items, things I find on the internet and basically anything that I think I will come back to at a later date.  Even if I don’t ever come back to it, I know that it’s accessible to me via search and tagging features.

And I haven’t even started to use the OCR capabilities of the site.  Basically, I can take a picture using my camera phone, say of a DVD and then Evernote’s servers will scan that picture for any text.  Then I can search for that text and find that picture.

So far, the service works very well, and I am hoping for a dedicated client for my phone sooner rather than later.