Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

Executive decision

A light melts snow on a bench at Van Ness UDC

Bench Melting Snow

I think I may drop the 75mm focal length from the project.  Or I really need to rethink how I use it.  I have previously used it as a portrait lens, with great success.  75mm gets close without me actually being literally in the subject’s face.  I have shot in outdoor, well lit situations where I’ve got plenty of room to move around to use “human zoom.”

In those situations, I’ve gotten great results.  On daily walkabout, I only have a few moments to take a picture of something, and by the time I notice something, I can’t really take five steps back to frame it the way I want.

I may move to the 35mm this month, earlier than scheduled.  I think that I’ve learned enough from the two weeks with the 75mm, that the experiment was a success, but I really should have scheduled portrait photography if I was going to use it all month.  I may try to use it for closeup macro work in a light box.

That’s a dedicated day, though.