Mass Effect 3

Right now, I have to say that Mass Effect 3 is amazing. Now, to be very vague, Shepard has done some things. She’s witnessed the invasion of earth. She’s said goodbye to comrades. She’s sought solace in the arms of one of her crew mates.

She’s having very disturbing dream sequences.

This is a game that is really laying on the gravitas.Not in a bad way. I mean, it’s all done very well, and find myself more emotionally involved in just a few lines of NPC dialogue than I’ve been in some entire games.

This is a game about characters facing the end of civilization as they know it, against an implacable and seemingly immortal enemy.

Mass Effect 3 is immediately compelling, primarily because of its story. This is only a problem because I find I can only play it for non marathon sessions because of the emotional involvement.