State of Play

Lords of Waterdeep

I keep coming back to Lords of Waterdeep. It’s the mechanics, and the differing quests and buildings that ensure each game plays differently. I removed building lord, mainly because I had new players I was introducing the game to.

Overall playing time was about an hour and a half, including setup and teaching the game, but my players really got the game in the first turn, which was awesome.

I won, but the game was really close. Tony probably would have won, if Erica and I didn’t conspire against him.

Love Letter

Another play for Love Letter, and another enjoyable play. We played three rounds, with Tony winning before moving on to to COUP.


This is my current love affair. Mainly because I want to get better at it.

For those playing the home game here are the current standings:

  1. COUP
    With a short play time, a great theme, and its social aspects, it’s no wonder that COUP is in first place.
    Plays: 6
  2. Love Letter
    No surprise here.
    Plays: 4
  3. Paradise Falls, Koryo,
    Paradise Falls is the surprise here, since it’s a board game. It’s quick and simple, with just enough strategy to keep it fun and interesting.
    Koryo is a game that I need more plays with, and the art is amazing. I do like its mechanics and it’s eight round structure.
    Plays: 2
  4. Pathfinder ACG, Lords of Waterdeep, Terra Mystica, Rampage, Race to Adventure,
    New plays are Terra Mystica, Race to Adventure, and the Pathfinder ACG. All were fun, although I need more playtime with each.
    Lords of Waterdeep is fantastic. Go buy it.
    It’s not surprising that some of these are longer games. It’ll be interesting to watch and see how the standings evolve over time, especially in comparison to shorter games.
    Plays: 1