My bartenders are pretty good


Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood.

One of the greatest feelings I’ve experienced is walking into a bar after a year away from that bar, and then being greeted by name.

That is what happened when I walked into the Legal Test Kitchen, Boston, located in Seaport.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I primarily chose this bar because it was the closest restaurant to the Rennaisance Boston. It has a little bit of history for me as it was here where I have rekindled friendships with Boston friends, and made plenty of new friends each PAX East.

There are memories here, such as the time I got so drunk that I fell into the street, and my friends were so drunk that no one had any recollection of that event.

But bartenders here have been attentive, and take care of you even if you’re not a regular. They are friendly, check in on you, and do their best to make you feel like you have a space at the bar that they’ve been saving for you.

Many thanks to Helen, Josh and Catherine.