Slash: Romance Without Boundaries

This isn’t so much a review as much as it is a record of my experience playing slash. Your mileage may vary, depending on the crowd that you play slash with. Needless to say, if you know what the term, “slash” refers to in terms of fiction, then you’ll already know what this game is about.

If anyone plays this with you and gets upset, you may need new friends. I mean, it’s right there on the tin. This game is exactly what it says it is.

Each card has a character, where they are from, their gender if applicable, and a short snarky description to jog your memory

This card game is a bunch of cards with characters or people from all aspects of pop culture. Comic books. Movies. Actors. Video games. Mythology. 80s Cartoons. 90s Cartoons. Cereal mascots. Historical figures. Anime. Literary figures from every genre. Television shows. Pop stars.

You get the picture.

Each card has a character, where they are from, their gender if applicable, and a short snarky description to jog your memory, just in case you don’t remember that Janine Melnitz was the, “Sassy administrative assistant for the Ghostbusters.” Additionally each character has a point value.

This is an arbitrary value between one and three that rates the “difficulty” of pairing someone with this character. In Janine’s case, she rates a three. In comparison, Mr. Spock, who has probably been written about in one shape or form pon farr’ing with everyone is rated a one.

I picked two cards at random. I'll allow it.

I picked two cards at random. I’ll allow it.

To start, everyone gets ten cards. The last person to experience a breakup is the Matchmaker. This person selects a character from their hand and asks all of the other players to propose a match, or in the popular parlance, the OTP. The Matchmaker then decides which character among the submitted characters is the winner. The winner takes both cards and then first to 20 points is the uh, “winner.” Play then continues with the Matchmaker role moving clockwise.

So. slash is a great game. It is fantastic seeing who or what people will pair with Luna Lovegood. Also great is hearing everyone’s reactions when the Matchmaker reveals their pick. Then, the palpable sigh of disgust as Bella Swan gets played. Because Bella.


This game surprises me in ways that I wasn’t prepared for.  I haven’t seen all of the cards, and I’m shuffling them face down so I can’t see them all. The combinations that have come out from my friends and strangers playing this game are hilarious and telling. It is possible once I’ve seen everything, this enthusiasm will wane, but for now, I am really enjoying slash.

For clarification, slash the card game.

If your friends are into it, (if you’re picking up on my subtext) totally pick it up at their store.

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