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A little time machine

I will say that living here, getting married here, and getting to come back here every year is one of the reasons I love living in DC.

I borrowed her camera to do this, and I have no regrets other than maybe have given it one more attempt to get the angle perfect.

Very happy with how it all turned out.



At the Movies

Watched How to Train Your Dragon 3. It’s a good wrap up to the series, very bittersweet, but also just a satisfying ending. 

Up above is a picture in near darkness, courtesy of the Google Pixel Night Sight. Continually impressed with the software innovations that trickle down to the Google Pixel line, even to older versions of the hardware like my first generations Pixel.  

This picture will end up being slightly indicative of my emotional state during the movie, since the movie theater was filled with mostly children and surprisingly, annoyingly chatty adults that had to be shushed one or two times.


Great can.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


Creativity with Limited Equipment

I rarely get a chance at a creative outlet so when friends of mine asked if I could get a few photos of them in costume, I obliged, even though I only had brought the one camera—my Fuji X100t, no speedlights, no reflector, basically no other equipment.

What I did have was diffused natural light, an empty neutral balcony, and my ability to adjust exposure. The models were ready at different times of day so the background changed quite a bit with my lighting situation. I was still able to manipulate exposure to what I think are some great results. I like the drama of the shadows in the last shot.

Models were happy with the results so I am going to call this a success.



I realized, when I saw this photo in Instagram later, that this is a really messed up photo. I am  laying down the instruments of consumption directly framing the half devoured victim.

So based on my past experience with this cake, and with this knife, chocolate sprinkles go everywhere when you cut a slice. So what do I do? I spread out a table napkin like a like a tarp on the floor.

Rookie mistake #1: Not spreading enough tarps on the floor

I realize this when my first cut goes in and then a piece goes flying off the cake. It lands just out of range for my napkin tarp, and with enough frosting to stick to the table.

“Son of a bitch!” I exclaim, stopping mid cut to grab an additional napkin—and then get back to the cake with a look of panic on my face—then I realize that with my attention split, the cut has gone all wobbly.

Now I’ve got two problems.