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"Well, there's your problem."

I’m in the telephone room of my condo building.  Located in an unlit hallway, I have no idea where it is in relation to my building because I can’t see the sky from the one single window into the room.  It’s lit by two bare compact fluorescent bulbs that illuminate . There is a mass of wire that flows into the room and separates into individual wires that spread out and flow into a main junction box.  They’re like the roots of some grand, vast technological tree growing above us, taking sustenance from the graffiti adorned grey metal box.

The air is thick, and stale.  The one intake fan into the room has been covered with a black plastic bag, and duct taped shut.

I have come here, to this forbidden place, this dark, grungy, forgotten room, because for the last three weeks, I have been without DSL.

To put it another way, I have had no internet connection for three weeks. Continue reading

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