Krassie’s doing a lot better than I had anticipated. Everytime I talked to her on the phone, she sounded really tired. I think we were timing our conversations according to her medication schedule. ExplodingCat and I brought her dinner from Med Deli, which was wonderful. I never had their soups before. Fantastic. With the pita chips–don’t get me started.

I took pics of her “little baggie” connected to her pericardial sac and part of the anterior lung (I think). She said that the fluid was “fruit punch” colored at first. Now it’s “mango” colored.

My opinion–if something is coming out of your body, you’re probably in trouble if it’s “ecto cooler” colored.

In summary: Krassie’s in high spirits and doing just fine. ExplodingCat’s tired as all hell–and can’t eat a damn thing.

Now listening: Trance Top 40. Shoutcast rules. Bringing the world closer together. That’s what this internet is about. And why is music so much better abroad?