Daily Archives: March 3, 2002

Funny, funny stuff. Okay, you have to be somewhat familar with the Mega Man series from Capcom. Just for those of you not in the know, Dr. Wily is the antagonist of the series. What follows is a series of interviews with his robot bosses and henchmen. Funny on so many levels. No, really. Just click the link already.

The Dr. Wily Show!

Wait, What Time Is It?

Two o’clock in the afternoon? My goodness, I’ve not slept this long in quite a while. I’m a bit confused, considering that it’s really bright outside. I’ve been waking up in complete darkness for too long. This two week break will be nice.

On the schedule for today:

Get food into stomach at some point. Maybe groceries.

Sleep? What's that?

No clocks. No windows. Without indicators of the passage of time, hours fly by like so many trees through a train window.

Now I’m dead tired. I might as well catch some sleep.