Daily Archives: August 26, 2002

The WalMart of Sweden

As nisa likes to refer to it. It being, “IKEA.” As it’s located in Potomac Mills, it often has the side effect of being the perfect location for all sorts of monkeying around.

Suddenly, the discussion between furiousgeorge and gnicklaser over the merits of Harry Potter LEGO and BIONICLE LEGO went very, very wrong.

Beautiful place, the LEGO store. If you look carefully, you can see the viking made out of LEGO in the background.

Happy Birthday, etc. . .

Joyous tidings go out to jungfroid, who had a fun filled Saturday surprise luncheon with about thirty other people. Many thanks to all the people that kept the secret, especially his parents–who were good sports about the whole thing and even let us use their house as party central. I’m sure he’ll have the pics up as soon as possible.