Chuck Chuck, bo-buck, banana-fanna

Today’s theme is fun with names. I like names. It’s a an awesome thing, the power of a name. Very evocative. If it’s the first thing you hear about a person, you’ve already got an impression in your head. “John Smith” is going to create a different mental image than a “Sweetmist Sparklenose.”

Mine, is Spanish in origin if you go for a recent history view. If you reach far back enough, into Roman Mythology, you’ll see it there. Oh, and the bible.


Mandarin Name Generator
Always check with your friend that actually knows Mandarin.

Japanese Name Generator
See the above, but replace Mandarin with Japanese.

Metal Gear Solid Name Generator
Ah, what would a post be without a video game reference?

Random Name Generator
My favorite so far because of the “Rapper,” “Witch,” “Wrestler,” “Fairy,” and “Transformer” categories.

The Name Generator Generator. . . Generator

. . .