Daily Archives: October 5, 2004

On Mortgages and the Sims 2

One of the strangest things about being in my condo is the fact that it’s empty. As of this moment, I can tell you the entire contents of my home. Rather than doing that, I’m going to talk about the Sims 2.

Right now, with the empty place, it’s so much like starting a new character in the Sims 2. The resemblance is so uncanny, it’s eerie.

You start with an empty space, then you get a job, get paid, acquire some material possessions to make themselves happy, then go back to work. Just so we’re on the same page, I’m taking about the Sims 2. The Sims 2 also throws in the ability for your sims to make new friends on the internet, go out shopping, and the brand spanking new feature of being able to pass on their genetic legacy to their children.

Of course, your sims could also just stay at home and watch tv.

I keep thinking how nice the condo is, but how much better it would be with some nice furniture, and some better lighting.

In the Sims, furniture and lighting are the primary boosters for the “environment” stat for your Sim. If they get lower, overall mood and happiness will decrease.

It just really scares amazes me how much thought that Wil Wright has put into the design of this game.