Daily Archives: October 20, 2004

Here's a fun game

Go to the trailers portion of Apple’s Japanese website.

Now, pick a trailer, any one. Try to avoid U.S. releases ported over to Japan.

Try this one.

Now try to guess what the story is, for instance:

They are the best of the best. Only 1% of applicants are accepted. They are. . . Japan’s Coast Guard. I imagine it’s like “Top Gun” but since Japan doesn’t go around invading other countries (well, not lately, anyway) it’s the Coast Guard. There’s a love interest, the obligatory training sequences, off duty camaraderie / hijinks, a love ballad from the 80s, the tragic death of a colleague, the inevitable crisis, and the triumph of belief in one’s self over seemingly insurmountable odds.

I think I’ve seen this movie before–but. . . Journey?!

Then there are the movies that need absolutely no story whatsoever.

Here’s a quick translation: Now, a new action hero! No CG! Absolutely no wires! No stuntmen! The fastest action star around! The first action star that uses authentic Muay Thai kickboxing! Etc.

I still find it amazing that at one point in the trailer, he’s kicking a guy in the neck. And his legs are on fire. ON FIRE. At that point, who cares what the story is?