Paradigm Shift

You never realize how much of a homeowner you are until you are riding in a car with your friends, having a conversation about oh, World of WarCraft–when suddenly, you shout, “Oh hey! Is that a new kitchen store?”

And you really are interested.

I spent the entire day Sunday with the Condo. Near the end of the day, my hands smelled like old cardboard. I moved boxes to make room for the bookshelf, then assembled it. When that was done, I unpacked books, and put those on the bookshelf. I considered putting them in some sort of order, but doing that would have taken me away from my primary objective, which was “make floorspace in family room.”

Finally, I stacked the remaining boxes on the far wall, making a large patch of floor in the living room. I’m quite happy with the result. I may even put down the carpet tonight, I don’t know.

Don’t want to go crazy. You know, like talking to yourself when you’ve been moving boxes for almost eight hours straight.