I want a new camera.

I look at all the wonderful pictures that people have taken on Flickr and I recall all the good times that I had with my Canon AE-1. I remember apertures and shutter speeds and depth of field and film speeds. I remember capturing a two hundred fiftieth of a second in full clarity, a neighbor’s hair caught mid spin as I called her name in the hallway.

Then I look at my point and shoot. For its size, it is doing a fantastic job of capturing the moment when I need it to. It’s a fine standby camera. But it is not something I can use to catch a friend’s smile from across the room.

I find myself wanting to go outside and just take pictures that capture not only the moment, but something closer to the experience of that sliver of time.

I toy with the idea of going back to film every now and again, but with film and developing costs, I might as well just save up.

Update: Working it out, I have estimated that I would have to process and purchase about two thousand four hundred photos (one hundred rolls of film) in order to break even on a digital SLR. Might be time to break out the relic and get a cheap scanner.