Happy Post Op Friday!

Hey all. I’m fine! Chatted a bit with my gastroenterologist after the procedure, and I’m okay. Also found out more about my condition. So, if I’m out to dinner with any of you and I appear to be eating too quickly, please ask me to slow down.

Overall, the experience was pleasant. Terrie, Dan, Kim, and Dr. Carroll were all friendly and er, hospitable.

I was early, and I was admitted early. I got undressed, got comfortable on a bed and they started a standard IV drip. The only really uncomfortable part was the fact that I had not eaten since midnight before. Starting the IV was not bad, the only thing I felt was the presence of the cold liquid flowing through my veins. I had the risks outlined for me. Of note was this particular statistic:

Perforation, Death 1:10,000


Then the anesthesiologist came and assured me I’d be, “schnockered.” Just like my birthday that one time. You know what I’m talking about. At around two o’clock, I was wheeled into one of the procedure rooms and hooked up to all sorts of monitoring devices. For fun, I started meditating and tried getting my pulse down as low as possible.

I was asked to do one thing, which was turn on my side, and then I watched as the milky white liquid crawled up into the IV and then, a few deep breaths later. . .

I woke up in the recovery room, two hours later.

Many thanks to Sean and Morgan who made sure I got home.

Now I’m here at my desk, eating a paste composed of brown rice and refried beans. Pretty tasty, actually. Throat’s a bit sore, but looking forward to having dinner with you all in the next couple of weeks.

Just give me some time to recover.