X in / on a Y

I wonder just how successful Snakes on a Plane is going to be.

It’s already an amazing meme. The collective voice of the internet has embraced this movie, I think on title alone. Based on its success, I can see the following movies getting greenlit by studio execs.

  • Fire in a Building
  • Mercenaries on a Ship
  • Virus in a City
  • Serial Killer in an Abandoned Theme Park
  • Crooks on a Bus
  • Monster in a Town

No, seriously.

One thought on “X in / on a Y

  1. sarah says:

    I think the appeal for this movie comes from not expecting snakes to be on a plane. You expect them in a swamp or a jungle, but not in 1st class. So in order to make more movies like this, ya gotta mix it up a little…
    Virus in a Kindergarten
    Crooks in the Amazon
    Gangsters in New England

    Now I want to see you write one of these screen plays for NaNoWriMo and sell it!

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