Daily Archives: March 29, 2007

Always a pleasure

If you’re a resident of the District, jury duty is one of the few things that the city can be relied upon. Every two years, almost to the day, I have been called to jury duty as a petit juror.

I know that the best entrance is the side entrance, directly to the family courts. This entrance is little used, and there is no line to get in. I know that the juror’s lounge is room 3130, and that there is a quiet room to the right of the lounge. I find it both comforting and disturbing that I know this, that I have this level of familiarity with a building that I visit once every two years.

Once ensconced at one of the desks (the one with the most easily accessed electrical outlet and phone jack), I found that I was most productive today. I managed to get to disc three of Justice League Season One. I was particularly amused by the first episode on the disc I started watching. The Green Lantern was on trial for destroying an entire planet. Fantastic way to start the day, considering my situation. I also learned that our VPN has too much overhead over a 26.4kbps dialup connection. Continue reading