It will destroy me

So I downloaded the demo of Puzzle Quest from gamedaily. I think it’s a good thing that the game is hard to find, because if I ever do get a hold of it, there goes my already scant free time.

The game combines Bejeweled with a Role Playing Game set in a fantasy universe and it actually works.

Bejeweled is already compelling enough as it is, but when you add an RPG element with customizable character growth—it becomes difficult for me to walk away.

The basic gameplay element is matching three or more symbols on a grid. Each symbol represents one of four types of mana, bonus experience, gold, or damage. When you “fight” an enemy creature, you take turns on the grid, matching symbols. When you match skulls (the symbol for damage) you take down some of their hit points. Matching up mana symbols nets you enough mana to cast spells that can do various things, for instance heal damage you’ve taken, or making the enemy lose their turn.

Overall it’s a lot of fun, and even if you lose the battle, you earn experience, so no gameplay session is ever negated.

Which is a good thing, in my opinion.

So far, I’ve been unsuccessful finding it at my local best buy so I may just have to break down and order it online.

The strange thing about the demo is that it looks like a completed PC version, and yet there hasn’t been an announcement of the PC version.

One thought on “It will destroy me

  1. Josh says:

    Damn you! Why did you have to link to this demo? And why did I have to download? (he says at 1:30 AM Friday night/Saturday morning)

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