Body Slamming Scorpion

Deadly Creatures on the Wii is a strange sort of game.  It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, like watching insects doing terrible perfectly natural cycle of life things to each other.  (Spoiler:  There is a big spider in this video.  It eats a snake.  Also, the host is insane.  Did I mention the spider is quite large?)

Deadly Creatures is like tha video, only you get to play as the spider and a scorpion, trading off between the arachnids for each chapter.  So far, I’ve played  for a couple of chapters and that video is a pretty good approximation for what you’ll see if you play the game.

Only with more controller waggling for the God of War style finishing moves.  If you ever wanted to see a tarantula bitch slap a black widow, this is the game for you.  Also, if you want to see a scorpion hold a lizard’s mouth open so that it can sting it in the tongue and then break its back, this is also the game for you.  I have the feeling that some liberties were taken with the Discovery Channel footage that they were probably using for research.

That said, I was very surprised by the inclusion of a storyline, which appears to be about cursed gold.  It stars Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper as two treasure hunters that just happen to be digging in the insect hunting grounds you’re inhabiting.

The insects don’t actually talk.  As it is, they barely make any noise.  They are just the observers, surviving by eating and killing, and I’m assuming that it’ll play out as an allegory for what’s happening in the human world above ground.  Worth my GameFly rental so far.