It was a bad day for the D70.  Out of ten photos, I was about to get less than half transferred to my laptop.  Two of which were the only ones I could salvage.

I had planned on shooting until the camera out and out died.  However, this quantum state of being broken and yet not broken* is really kind of frustrating.

Even more so when I can preview all of the pictures on the camera itself, but it only fails when it’s time to transfer photos.  Even worse, I didn’t even get any glitch photography out of them and I was really hoping I’d get at least something from the picture of the single gear bicycle I took a picture of in Adam’s Morgan.

Although I suppose that Flickr doesn’t need another picture of a single gear bicycle.

Rest assured that picture was awesome in a non ironic way.

* it’s kind of like a koan*

* and now I hear you groan