The boots I have are black, heavy, with a rubber bottom layer that keeps my feet dry when that puddle is actually six inches deep when I think it’s three inches deep.  They are heavy and I have to wear the thicker socks with them, otherwise they start to cause chafing around my ankles from the support they provide.

Getting in to them is a hassle, since I can’t bend my ankles much when I’m in them.  Getting into them is a process.  First I take a knee to get in the first one, lace and tie them, then I stand up, step into the second boot, and take another knee to lace and tie the other one.  Once I start walking in the snow and Ice, I’m glad I have them on.  Although typically by the end of the walk I’m glad for the other shoes I keep at the office.  Then at the end of the day I repeat the process from morning.

In all, I’m glad I bought them on sale over a year ago, but they are a pain in the ass and impact the daily routine by adding minutes to getting ready to leave.

My snow boots: just another reason why I can’t wait for this snow to be done with.