Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

Final Fantasy, the Spirits Within.

Just, well . . .


I’m going to see it again. Mainly because the theater that I watched it at BURNED THE FILM RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE. Burned. Watched the film blister and crawl up the height of the screen.

However, even if I didn’t get my money back, I would still watch this movie again. Granted, my opinion is based primarily upon watching 98% of the entire movie. (Yes, they killed the film right there.)

The movie is good. Don’t try to compare it to anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ve never seen a movie that looks like this. The story is cliché, but I found myself rooting for these digital thespians. When they died, I cared. When they wanted to kiss someone, I felt it.

A movie based on a video game that does not suck. Imagine that. My money is on the DVD right now. Digital transfer of this film. I’m going to write some more tomorrow, after I get a good night’s rest. I may be embellishing the experience somewhat right now, after the movie high.

But goodness, it’s a beautiful movie.

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