Monday, 13 August, 2001 10:34 PM
Okay, so a funny thing happened on the way to the weblog. You can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have thirty-five megabytes a second being directed to your IP address. I imagine a watermelon being pushed through a pinhole.

But, enough about the denial of service attack! On with the blog! On with life!

Quick rundown of this weekend.

Friday night, caravan out to Steve’s house for a night of DDR, and drummania session mode. Finished Afronova on double. Introduced the animé masses of AU to the glory and splendour that is Dance Dance Revolution.

Then, at Otakon, there’s a huge amount of very cool people wearing fantastic costumes, and I get some great photos. In addition, I lead a very, very large, angry crowd in a the following chant:

“When I say, ‘OTA!’–You say, ‘KON!'”

Standard call and response stuff–but man oh man was it loud!

Then, I went to New York to visit some friends. Watched American Pie 2, then came back to Washington, DC in time for work on Monday morning. Today.

What a crazy year it has been. What a good one, too.