Sunday, 5 August, 2001 9:13 AM
Ah yes. The large lapse.

This happens from time to time. Usually it’s the work of a deadline at work, or a vacation. In this case, it’s laziness and a predilection to write in the other journals. I have several. A large, spiral hardbound notebook, which contains nightly journal entries. A leather bound daily journal travels with me everywhere I go. Sometimes, entries are made in a webcomic journal–but those entries are few and far between. I sometimes buy travel journals for specific trips. Then there’s the notebook I just jot down daily lists in. It has plans for debt reduction, lists of things to buy, definitions of words.

Then there’s this one, which is an entirely different animal altogether.

But that still doesn’t excuse me from making an entry here. So, here’s the quick recap–

Went to the taping of SmackDown! Saw the Rock! Yelled a lot. Insisted I wasn’t a fan of wrestling. Looked at Mel stare at me as I yell like a man possessed for the Rock to give Shane McMahon the People’s Elbow. (He did.)

Beat Max Payne.

Changed work to the seven to three shift. Watched Planet of the Apes at the four fifteen showing, with twelve other people in the theater. Went out for seafood pho afterwards. (Mmmm. Pho.)

Went to “work” at Electronic’s Boutique.

Went swimming. Well, bobbing actually. I just sort of stand in the water and try to keep it out as I flail around in it. Good fun. Melanie’s sort of gotten me a third of the way there. I don’t fear the water now, at least not as long as I can stand in it. I still don’t know why I never really learned how to swim. It’s really bothering me now. I just have to do it.

Then we went to the Outback, I had my one serving of red meat a month, and then we went home and just hung out for a long period of time.

Came home and found out that the first of my music games from Japan has arrived. Oh yes. Drummania. Now all that remains is purchasing an import PS2, and then my friends will feel the wrath of this “fully operational musical game nut.”

What interests me is the fact that something important happens everyday–people just don’t take the time to write them down, to remember them. Then they’re gone forever.