Daily Archives: August 8, 2002

Next on FOX, when conversation logs go wild

Okay, just a strange sequence of words that more than likely have never occurred before.

Praxis Loki: your wife really has to stop sprinting from imaginary bovine predators.
Exploding Cat: well, it doesn’t happen every night. but if starts to become a habit, i’ll do something about it.
Exploding Cat: goddamn! i certainly didn’t expect that.

I love the art of the segue. Subtle. Under appreciated.

The Japanese are an incredible people

Having studied the Japanese language and Japan itself, I’m not really surprised when I see, “wacky” objects, trinkets, characters, etc. from Japan. Hell, I own a Maracas Simulation Game. So it’s difficult to surprise me with something from Japan. Except in this case. I was totally amused. So amused in fact, that I’m going to devote my first Guinness on Friday to this character, in the hopes that he will come to the United States, and bless us.

By the way, this is the same company that is responsible for the droopy Panda.

Thanks to Rose for pointing the beer fairy out to me.

I don't want any of you to go out and do this. . . But here's an example.

Did some volunteer work today, talking to some kids about the IT field. Of course, they’re interested in hacking things, so I talked about Social Engineering. I gave more than a few examples. jungfroid was there too. Telling the kids how it is in the cruel harsh world of IT.

jungfroid: “You have to know what’s wrong before you know what’s right.”
PraxisLoki: “Don’t you have that backwards?”

I can only hope that these kids are using that knowledge for good, and not evil. Just as long as they’re sitting in front of a computer tonight and getting more familiar with it, I’m happy.