Daily Archives: August 12, 2002

Where does it all go?

Friday: Atomic and groovin with Nisa, Terrapin-Gardens and Yuriko Kinje
Saturday: “Work” (Hey–it’s in quotation marks.)
Sunday: Dim Sum and xXx

Uh, xXx is an enjoyable movie in the way that The Scorpion King is an enjoyable movie. Except I’d rank Scorpion King above xXx.

PraxisLoki: Well, there’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back again.
julietz80: Right, you’d have been wasting that time anyway.
PraxisLoki: I could have been playing WarCraft.
julietz80: Shit, you’re right.

Dim Sum at China Garden was a really good experience, however. I highly recommend the group experience. An engaging assortment of really good food for not a lot of money. I didn’t see a lot of veggie options, except for the turnip cake and the taro cake. So, for your carnivorous friends, it’s quite good. For your vegetarian friends, I’d have to go with the Vegetable Garden out near the White Flint Metro station.

Which is probably the next pie stop, if Nisa has anything to do with it.