Daily Archives: October 18, 2002

Has it been that long?

I’m having a five-year reunion happy hour tonight. I graduated from American University in 1997.

I remember heading out to Kramerbooks almost once a week for dessert, eating above average food at our school cafeteria, and trying to make it through the week with ten dollars in my wallet. Now I’m heading out to Atomic almost once a week, eating about average food at the work cafeteria and trying to make it through the week without incurring additional finance charges. It’s amazing how much things change.

I arrived in this city a sarcastic young man. Almost ten years later, I have been hardened into a sarcastic man in his late twenties.

Here’s to my misspent youth.

Ah, the internet

Where else would you be able to find stuff like this?

Warning: May contain trace elements of Bad Animation as well as The Village People, Cantonese Language, and Skeletor from the Hanna Barbara animated series He Man and the Masters of the Universe. If you are in any way allergic to any of the aforementioned items, please consult your physician before ingesting.

Thanks to gnicklaser for being the first person to send this to me. Oh, and have I shown you the picture of a Deer vs a Dodge Durango?

Warning: Contains a picture of a deer and a Dodge Durango. Apparently, the deer jumped off an overpass in an attempt to avoid oncoming traffic. These pictures are the result. No blood, and thankfully no one was sitting in the passenger side of the Durango.