Daily Archives: January 1, 2003

Auto Lust, Part Deux

So, went to the Washington Auto Show today. Played with the rally style shifting on the Civic SI. It was interesting, although I’d really have to drive the damn thing to see if it’s just gimmicky or not. The Civic this year is a lot bigger than I expected.

Saw the Honda Element, which was a pretty neat car, considering that you can take a garden hose and just clean the inside of your car the same way you would sweep leaves from your driveway. So long, vaccuuming.

But of course, the main reason we were there was to see the MINI. I think there were four of them, two Coopers and two Cooper Ss. All of them had people lining up to get inside them. It’s incredible what kind of attraction the car has. That car is sexy, small and not as effeminate as another small car with a heritage to live up to. Did I mention the car is sexy? Well, it is. It’s sexy. I want one, but of course, since I live twenty minutes’s walk from work, it’s something I don’t need.

So, I’m stuck with a case of wanting something I don’t need, which is the story of my life. Ah well.

H to the A to the double P, Y

Happy New Year all.

Here’s to another year of concise, clear political commentary, scathing criticisms of our news media, and complete coverage of the state of government. . .