Daily Archives: February 5, 2003


The first of the free movies has been released for the Animatrix.

The movie, titled “The Second Renaissance Part I” contains graphic imagery, as well as cinematography based on famous historic images and videos. The film itself is ten minutes long, and details the events that lead up to the eventual downfall of the human race. The machines have always been thought of as the “bad guys” of the Matrix world, but how did they get to that point? This film starts to answer that question. The film is poignant and sad, primarily because it’s so easy to believe.

The movie takes on the form of a “historical archive” composed of footage from news shows and videos. Some of the footage made me wince, primarily because I recognize the events in our history.

If you’re in any way interested in the Matrix universe, you should check it out–but be prepared.

Just because it’s a “cartoon” doesn’t mean it’s in any way appropriate for children.