Harder than it looks

How is it possible that coffeehouses are always full? Even on your day off at 10:30 in the morning.

I mean, don’t these people have work? Classes? Something?

Since I had to drop off the car in Bethesda to get some service done, I decided to live the life of the idle rich for half a day. Here goes:

Dropped off the car.

Found Xando/COSI convenient to dealership.

Ordered tall double oh arctic mocha single shot half caf frappamadoozle. . . drink. . . thing.

New manager hands me my drink, sans lid.

The manager is new, I can tell. He calls it a “small.” Behind him, baristas roll their eyes and wink knowingly my direction while they silently mouth the word “tall.” One of them grabs the proper size lid and caps off my coffee drink.

While making journal entries, I notice that there are lots of good looking women in Bethesda.

Lots of them.

Lunchtime, so I visit the small sushi shop on St. Elmo Avenue.

I visit Big Planet Comics, which is understandably empty. I guess the target audience is working in the tech industry or still at school.

Hit Pearl Art and Craft. Pick up a new journal (spiral bound, hard covers) and art pens.

3:00 – 5:30
Boredom strikes. I hit the Barnes & Noble and read WIRED, iWorld, a few video game magazines, 2600. I run out of magazines to read at 5:34

They call to tell me the car’s ready for pickup–which is another nightmare altogether.

Short story: Car’s still not fixed.

I got pretty bored at one point. Rick says that this is why the idle rich have yachts.