So, uh, I found something of yours

So, I’m going through my DVD collection when I think to myself, “Hey, I could really watch Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness.” I open up the DVD and I find a small batch of photos. I recognize them from when krasota asked me to scan them, and I did, but then I never gave them back.

So I told exploding cat that I had them.

PraxisLoki: Hey, I found some pictures of yours.
explodingcat: Oh?
PraxisLoki: Yeah, they were in my Army of Darkness DVD case.
explodingcat: How appropriate. Can you tell me what’s on them?
PraxisLoki: A couple of people wearing faery wings and a little girl holding a severed hand.
explodingcat: Great! I know exactly when that is.
PraxisLoki: I love out of context.

So, krassie, whenever you want those pictures back, I guess you can pick them up in about two weeks.