Daily Archives: February 11, 2004

So big, they drag on the ground behind him

You have to give it to this guy.

On the one hand, I’m appalled that his friends let him go. <"William, no!" "I won't deny my musical destiny!"> On the other, I’m touched by the fact that he went on the show, gave his best, and just did it.

How many other people can say that?

Besides, the Berkeley crowd seems to dig him.

Now all that remains is for FOX to use him up until all that’s left is a dessicated husk of a human being.

Candidate for best, "walk into a bar" joke

A guy walks into a bar. . .

Bartender: What can I get ya?
Guy: I’ll just have a beer.
Bartender: Sure thing.
Guy: Oh, offhand. . .
Bartender: Yes?
Guy: do you know how to remove a shark from one’s leg?

It’s funny, because it’s true.