Monthly Archives: January 2004


After listening to the glowing praise bestowed upon it by Julietz80, I decided to try an Amstel Light. So, trusting her palate, I bought a single bottle, along with a six pack of “backup beer” in case the experiment didn’t pan out.

The decision was not made without overcoming a bit of trepidation. It’s a beer that labels itself of the “light” persuasion.

Overall, it’s not bad. Not something that I’d want to drink on a weekly basis, but it’s not horrible. The color is what throws me off. It just doesn’t look like beer. When I first poured it into the glass, I really had my doubts. It’s a very light amber color, and that’s all I’m going to say. Flavorwise, it’s crisp, and there’s a hint of sweetness to it, which disappears. There’s little to no aftertaste that I could detect, which is a little strange, at least for me.

On the whole, not a horrible experience. I’d drink it again without arm twisting.


Dead Whale Explodes.

Finally, some real news.

The music of my youth.

Nice to see the Minibosses getting some press. In short, a video game music cover band.

Yes, I am a tape "hater."

So FuriousGeorge and I were wondering how many types of media we will see phased out in our lifetime. So far, it’s cassette tape, 5 1/4 inch floppy diskettes, BETAMAX, and the death and rebirth of vinyl. We estimated about 2 years for 3.5 floppy diskettes to leave the market. I couldn’t gauge the time for VHS tapes, since there’s another standard for DVD coming to market. It’s been in the works for a year now, but still no sign of it.

I found a review of the Panasonic AV-100 I was gushing about earlier. This guy also has sample movies, which is great for checking out the quality of the video.

The review itself is favorable, but he has a great point about waiting for next generation tapeless camcorders with hard drives.

The movies from the AV-100 look great. Then again, I’m comparing the quality to the wallet-friendly-yet-just-barely-adequate AIPTEK Pocket DV2. On the other hand, the taiwanese site has the new model of the Pocket DV, the 3500, which is also intriguing from a budget point of view.

Now I’m just waiting for a digital camcorder with an iPod dock. That would be something.

It takes sooooo loooooong!

I found a box full of cassette tapes in the closet. One of them was labeled, “The Art of the Toy Piano.” Now, I vaguely remember the circumstances that lead to my acquisition of this tape. I know it was a legitimate backup copy of a CD that a friend of mine had that she wanted to keep, “off site” for archival purposes. I have obviously kept it safe these many years.

The music is creepy. Not, “zombies are jumping out of a doorway” creepy, but “there’s something not quite right” creepy. There’s something about hearing “Eleanor Rigby” being fervently banged out on a toy piano that makes you feel uneasy.

I wanted to hear it again, so I hit rewind. And I waited. And then overshot the beginning of the song. And then I hit fast forward, waited, and then overshot the beginning of the song. I was searching for the song in the way that artillery used to range their shots.

So, before the advent of CDs and DVDs, I wonder how many minutes of my life was spent waiting for things to rewind or fast forward.

Now all that remains is getting rid of camcorder tapes.