Monthly Archives: February 2004

Don't mess with that guy

Lego is able to capture the imagination in ways that no “conventional” toys can. I remember when I was younger, building toys that my parents wouldn’t buy for me. In a lot of ways, they were superior. I built them. I added on special features, usually transformation into a secondary vehicle form, or the extra escape pod/shuttlecraft (which was always really easy to “dock” with the main ship).

I made the Battlestar Galactica and led a “rag tag fugitive fleet” against the Cylon Tyranny. I made a Thundertank, a VENOM SwitchBlade, and more than a few iterations of the TIE fighter. Probably the best part of Legos is their built in “exploding damage” action. As imaginative (or derivative) as I was, Legos did not inspire my imagination as much as they did this artist.


I didn't think it was physically possible

But you can rip off a man’s leg and beat him with it, apparently.

Okay, granted, it was a prosthetic.

So big, they drag on the ground behind him

You have to give it to this guy.

On the one hand, I’m appalled that his friends let him go. <"William, no!" "I won't deny my musical destiny!"> On the other, I’m touched by the fact that he went on the show, gave his best, and just did it.

How many other people can say that?

Besides, the Berkeley crowd seems to dig him.

Now all that remains is for FOX to use him up until all that’s left is a dessicated husk of a human being.

Candidate for best, "walk into a bar" joke

A guy walks into a bar. . .

Bartender: What can I get ya?
Guy: I’ll just have a beer.
Bartender: Sure thing.
Guy: Oh, offhand. . .
Bartender: Yes?
Guy: do you know how to remove a shark from one’s leg?

It’s funny, because it’s true.

Like work, but not

I was going to post this yesterday, in a “Hey, it’s Monday, so here’s some ways to burn some of your employer’s money.” sort of way. But now it’s Tuesday, so we’re all hideously efficient and working overtime.

Right. It’s a website with a lot of flash minigames. The art style is slick, vaguely Japanese in that “Sanrio” sort of way. A lot of gradients and pastels. Have fun!