Don't mess with that guy

Lego is able to capture the imagination in ways that no “conventional” toys can. I remember when I was younger, building toys that my parents wouldn’t buy for me. In a lot of ways, they were superior. I built them. I added on special features, usually transformation into a secondary vehicle form, or the extra escape pod/shuttlecraft (which was always really easy to “dock” with the main ship).

I made the Battlestar Galactica and led a “rag tag fugitive fleet” against the Cylon Tyranny. I made a Thundertank, a VENOM SwitchBlade, and more than a few iterations of the TIE fighter. Probably the best part of Legos is their built in “exploding damage” action. As imaginative (or derivative) as I was, Legos did not inspire my imagination as much as they did this artist.