Daily Archives: January 6, 2004

Where no helpdesk has gone before

I love work conversations.

Long conversation about Lotus Notes webmail interface not working–then. . .

Yuriko Kinje: side note, if a user has a 6.0 or 6.0.3 template and tries to access web mail via Safari, you just get an error that the browser is not supported and no option to use web mail instead of iNotes. Upgrading the template fixes this (gives you the option to use web mail again)
Praxis Loki: What about chronoton interference in the deflector array?
Yuriko Kinje: the chronotron build up in the deflector array is not serious, but keep an eye on the flux inducer grid as it can become mis-aligned causing a temporal-veteron pulse wave which can induce cascading harmonics in the plasma junctions, and you know what that means–burnt out ODN conduits all over the ship
Praxis Loki: What about manual alignment of the flux inducer grid by using a properly polarized Spengler wrench? Venting the plasma junctions before the pulse wave could produce the needed chronotons in a localized area without creating the cascade resonance failure.
Yuriko Kinje: You’re right, that could just be crazy enough to work

There’s either too much Star Trek in my life. . .

. . . Or not enough.