Where's my money?

I got my PowerBook in May of 2003. Some of you may remember my announcement when I bought it. I’m very happy with the purchase—but now I want a new machine. Maybe a dual processor G5. And a pony. And an EZ Bake Oven. This is the part where I look at my mortgage statement, and sigh.

Last Christmas, I bought my parents an iBook.

They love it so far. They’re acclimating to it slowly, but they seem to want to use it a lot more than any Windows machine they’ve ever had. Today, my mother and father wanted to get their Barcelona pictures off the camera and onto the iBook. It went well. Much easier than trying to get them to do things on a Windows machine. Here is the condensed version:

“Okay Mom, I want you to plug in the USB cable into the camera, and then into the iBook.”
“Now wait. Okay, press “Import.”
“Oh wow, that works. There are my pictures! This is really easy! You’re so thoughtful and patient!”

This condensed version is the only one available to American audiences because in the orginal, my mother doesn’t know which port is the USB port, and then can’t find the “Import” button after iPhoto started up. Test audiences found this “Director’s Cut” extremely trying and frustrating.

Some walked out of the theater.

It was during this conversation with my Mother and Father (held over Skype, which they love) that I was reminded that my brother also owns an iBook. He bought one soon after Mom and Dad did. Now, my mother and father may need another iBook because they’re already squabbling over who gets to use it.

But, here’s my point: My entire family is a “switch” ad.

One thought on “Where's my money?

  1. Yuriko Kinje says:

    I have to say that the one thing I miss from the director’s cut was the scene where your mom finds the “other” pictures on the camera. That was priceless…

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