Lunch in the city

When I had Jury Duty I brought the Neo with me. Jotted down a few things that I found interesting about the city. (I probably sold about half a dozen of the devices to interested onlookers, too.) This bit was written during one of our three hour lunches.

I walk around the city for a while. I see some landmarks that I’ve taken pictures of. There are the stylized horse and man in front of the FTC. The metalwork statues at the restaurant at 7th and D.

I’m in the Starbucks at the Navy Memorial. I feel bad spending my money here, but I get an iced tea for two dollars. I don’t even know why I feel bad about it. I guess I’m just programmed to hate the Starbucks Empire. Which isn’t a bad thing, I guess.

It’s packed, and I’m surprised at the number of people getting hot coffee on a day like today. I guess that people really need their caffeine.

It’s 80 degrees out, and I ducked into the Starbuck’s mainly because I knew I could get a drink there. The weather is something else right now, because it’s still Spring, the cherry blossom festival is done, and it shouldn’t be this hot already.

Of course, I know that it’ll be hotter still when Summer comes in earnest.

The judge has given us a two hour break before we have to return to the courthouse. I’m still in the area, but far enough away that I can’t see it. That’s enough for me.

The Baristas yell out order after order after order, and lattes walk out the door. No one stays to drink their coffee. Presumably, they all go back to work. I wish it were quieter, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

It’s approaching two o’clock now, and I’m thinking about heading back to the courthouse. I don’t know how far away I actually am. The lunch rush seems to be dying down, and part of me is aching for the quiet.

I take a sip from my green straw in the clear plastic glass, and I realize I’m out. While I tilt the cup towards me and punch through the ice, the sirens start again on Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s time to head back.