Just so you know

Here’s the stuff you want to see about the xbox 360:

Short Gist video from Our Colony. If you have five minutes to spare, this is a good watch.

Official fact sheet. This is the scary part.

Three 3.2 Gigahertz core processors.


Xbox live for free out of the box. Every single console.

With these specs, it’s hard to argue that it has the brute processing power to make things look nice. The user interface you see in the video doesn’t look horrible either. Notice that the specs point out that the hard drive is upgradable. Maybe we’ll see an 80 gigabyte drive down the road.

MicroSoft is selling the 360 as the Unified Box of Entertainment. They want you to do everything with this box. Listen to your music, watch your movies, and play your games. Then, you can get game invitations when you’re doing any of the other things.

Videogames are already a push technology. Every single game on the 360 supports HD Televisions. The push to HD television looks like it’ll be led by MicroSoft.

Also, kudos to MicroSoft for wireless controllers as the standard. It’s about time.