A to Þ

There are people whose thought processes resemble trains. I’m not one of those people. If I had to take a guess, mine is more of an amoeba of thought, with data pseudopods going every which way until I decide something is interesting and then just go that way. Of course, all this occurs silently, in my head until I decide to say something which may appear to be non sequitur, but trust me, it makes sense.

So videogame flick The Wizard is coming to DVD this August, relevant to me because of all the video games. So I check out IMDB to see what the cast is up to.

Of note, sidekick girl is now a musician. She’s Jenny Lewis and reminds me of a breathy Aimee Mann, at least, on the two songs I heard. I’ll do more uh, research and see if her album with the Watson Twins merits a purchase.