Not exactly clamshell, but

Remember when portable computers first came out, they weighed about twenty pounds and had built in handles?

We have come full circle with this new offering from Dell.

Not surprising that I cannot find a mention of how much the thing weighs on the website.

Update: Oh for crying out loud, the thing has eight speakers. Found out it weighs eighteen (18) pounds.

2 thoughts on “Not exactly clamshell, but

  1. MrMoonPie says:

    My first laptop weighed 1/3 of that monster! It did, in fact, have a built-in handle.

  2. Fil says:

    Oh cripes. I thought mine was bad. An Acer something or other that had a grayscale LCD and a trackball. I had to dial into the mainframe to get my email. On a college campus. I’m telling you, kids these days.

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