New Phone, Part I

I just picked up a Nokia e71.

Currently it’s in the “new toy” phase of gadget ownership.  I’m enamored of its styling and snappy performance. Battery life is probably not indicative of real world performance as I am constantly fiddling with it.  I’ve uploaded a video and a pic to flickr as a test and it went well.  I didn’t realize that it was 3G until I checked flickr and everything was up there.

I imagine that there will be a lot more pictures being uploaded in the near future.  Camera still has that purple characteristic of all E71 pictures, but I find that switching to the black and white settings for the camera negates that particular issue.

I really like the keyboard.

Going to see about using the FM radio tomorrow and then testing the GPS, possibly with geotagging photos.

Was slightly surprised when a phone call came through and it spoke the name of my contact.  Neat, but probably going to turn that off straight away.

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2 thoughts on “New Phone, Part I

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Fil,
    Just wondering if you’d thought about and/or looked at the Nokia N810. From pictures I’ve seen I like its iPhone-like screen size and the fact that it has a full keyboard. Typing on the iPhone is difficult, IMHO. (Of course none of this really matters for me until Vermont gets G3 coverage.) Thoughts?

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh! Nevermind. The N810 isn’t a phone, it’s an internet device. Why go to the trouble to develop that and *not* put a phone in it?

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